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Hilda & Maurice a name meaning strength, love, happiness and beauty with a creative and giving nature: a combination of beautiful crafted designs and boutique millinery. Australian designer Deanne has design experience spanning over 15 years and Hilda & Maurice is her expressive avenue to deliver creations to the world. Inspired by growing up living within the surrounds of nature, her designs encapsulate a soft feminine, organic floral, bohemian experience to elegant evening and beautiful bridal headpieces. Collections are made with no two designs ever being the same. Each having their own individual touch made with love.


Dee Steinfort


My name is Dee Steinfort and I am a milliner who creates headpieces to bring joy to the wearer and those around them. My designs encompass a feminine, organic, creative, avant-garde feel that range from subtle and delicate to bold and brave, they are designed for lovers of headwear to brighten their days and nights. I simply love headpieces and always have since I was a small child. Under the label Hilda & Maurice I create floral and feather circlets, hats and fascinators to name a few. Using a wide variety of materials I love creating art for you to wear on your head. I believe there is a hat for every occasion and strongly agree with the thought that hats are the exclamation mark to any outfit!

Inspiration is everywhere! I am inspired by nature, what is around me, shapes, colours, textures, by fabrics and other materials I come across and collect, by flowers and trees in the garden, the bush or in books. I find inspiration from movies as well – people have been wearing amazing and wonderful headwear for a very long time. I admire the work of milliners from around the world such as Stephen Jones, Coco Chanel and I love the work of Waltraud Reiner who educates and inspires milliners in Australia. If a headpiece is being designed for a particular person and purpose the inspiration is through their bespoke needs, colours and shapes that will work perfectly with the individual. Music, happiness, fun, friends and family are also my inspiration. Artists and crafters I have met inspire me, clever, motivated, creative people are always an inspiration….the list goes on.



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