Handmade Headpieces;

Individually handcrafted designs made with love for the purpose of adding colour, beauty and joy to people’s lives. These include floral circlets, feather headpieces and individually designed headbands, clips and combs.
Products are made out of a variety of materials ranging from recycled clothing and new fabrics including organic cotton, shantung silk, velvet, cotton velvet, netting, crinoline, satin, cotton drill and canvas to name a few. There is also a variety of new and recycled notions used such as buttons and ribbon and beads. We use millinery wire and florist tape with glue and cotton threads to carefully construct our headpieces to a very high degree of quality.

Feather Hair Extensions;

Tribal, earthy and natural beautiful feathers that are attached onto the hair. They can stay in the hair for up to six months and can be washed and dried as hair can be.

Hand made fairy wings;

As with our headpieces each set of fairy wings is a unique design of whimsical beauty. The design is well trialled by many a fairy both young and old. They are comfortable and robust while being beautiful.
These are made of wire, bias cut fabric new and recycled and each set has a variety of decorations such as silk organza, fabric flowers and beads.

Hand made dream catchers;

These are made out of recycled and new crochet pieces, forgotten materials, cotton, leather, wire, beads and feathers. Each dream catcher is unique and individual. There are a variety of notions that adorn the dream catchers; a symbol of unity, protecting the nightmares associated with sleeping beauties (children).

Hand made mobiles;

Artistic hand crafted organic pieces made from twigs, offcuts of materials consisting of wool, felt and cotton. Accompanied with wooden beads, feathers and paint.

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